Learning to Ride


Many schools have learn to ride training whist we are delivering Bikeability Level 1 training in year 3 or 4, we also deliver balance bike training in schools.

Struggling to get your child riding? Download our info sheet with advice or contact us and find out how you can arrange lessons.


Look at our 'adult training' page. Derbyshire County Council funded 'County Rider' training can be used for adult learn to ride and we have bikes you can borrow.

If you decide to fund training yourself we charge £20 per hour for adult or child.

We like to base our training in the Queen's Park where we have bikes you can borrow there and a good selection of traffic free routes. If you prefer training elsewhere please discuss the location with us.

Once you can ride why not join one of Inclusive Pedals 'Couch to 10 Miles' 6 week ride programmes.